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29 October 2006 @ 09:42 pm
(yaoi_sentences) Yuki x Kyo - 06/50  
Pairing: Yuki x Kyo
Fandom: Fruits Basket
Themes: Heat, Secrets, Wet, Dizzy, Favorite, Kiss
Rating: PG

19. Heat
He came home that afternoon completely soaked from the rain. But his thoughts of "This is the worst day ever!" quickly disappeared when he saw the deep, loving and protective look Kyo gave him. He felt a heat spreading over his neck, up to his face, and quickly headed to the kitchen, more than thankful that Kyo had turn his eyes back to his book before he could see Yuki blushing.

20. Secrets

He often felt seriously scared about his future, being locked up in a cage for the rest of his life. But every time that happened, he thought about Yuki, and felt warm and safe. He didn't know exactly what was that feeling, but he knew he could never tell anyone, much less Yuki himself. And it didn't matter. Although he would be locked up anytime soon, that feeling filled his soul with an unknown happiness, and was the only thing keeping him alive.

23. Wet

He hated raining days, always had. But when he saw Yuki coming home that afternoon, shaking, with dripping clothes and wet hair sticking adorably to his face, he couldn't help thinking how cute the rat looked. He turned his eyes back to his book, with an unnoticeable smile, feeling his hate for the rain diminish a little bit.

26. Dizzy

sually, he hated having a fever, 'cause it always made him walk around the house, dizzy, tripping on everything. But he had to admit that the fever of the night before had been a blessing. When asked by Kyo, he claimed he couldn’t remember anything (“Why? What happened?” “Nothing”, Kyo said, casually). But in fact it would be really hard for Yuki to forget the warm, peaceful feeling of being in Kyo’s arms, when the cat gently caught him after he had tripped on a chair.


50. Favorite

Yuki was really surprised and pleased when he found his favorite candy amongst the groceries Kyo had bought. But it was even more pleasant to see the adorably embarrassed look on the cat’s face when he was trying to explain that he’d only bought it because Tohru insisted. Yuki just thanked him and left to his room, smiling, not even minding the fact that Tohru had gone on a trip, and that was why Kyo had to go shopping in the first place.


Alternate 05. Kiss

He couldn’t remember exactly how it’d happened. All he knew was that he was sitting on a rock, at his private garden, crying for some stupid reason. And in the next moment, Kyo appeared on his front, leaned in and kissed him gently on the forehead, whispering the words “It’s ok now. Let’s go home”.

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